Interactive Narratives - The Best kept secret on the Web

I found an absolute pearler today for those love interactive web sites based around learning current events.  Interactive Narratives is a brilliant tool for any teacher to add to their digital toolbox when they want to explain something in detail that offers the reader the opportunity to explore diagrams, videos, games and multimedia associated to the topic to create a collection of evidence on the topic.

Want see and test what actually went wrong with all of those thousands of Toyota's recalled internationally?  See how the Global Financial Crisis is affecting countries differently and take an interactive journey through the Space Race between Russia and the United States.

How can I use this in the Classroom?  Interactive Narratives has a collection of Interactive Specials such as "comparing the ancient Aztec Deities" and "Examining the evidence and aftermath of the murder of young Darisabel Baez." These are brilliant reading activities your students can work on independently to then take to next level as a written report, discussion piece, argumentative essay.  All the facts are presented here in a an unbiased manner leaving it to the audience to draw their own conclusions.  

There is heaps of scope to use Interactive Narratives.  I'd love to hear how you put it to good use.