30 Dr. Seuss quotes to inspire your students

Theodore Seuss certainly caught the imagination of many children and adults around the world for his wacky approach to writing.  

This infographic below is a great piece to share with your students as it highlights Seuss' innovative writing style but also has some really positive sayings that will surely stick in their mind a little longer than some obscure quote from two centuries ago.



Useful Charts: Very Useful IWB Charts for all topic areas.

This is definitely one of the best sites to find great charts to put up on your interactive whiteboard.  Not only does UC cover all sorts of areas such as: science, philosophy, and social studies, but you can also order laminated versions of these online charts if you like them.  Useful Charts is definitely useful and totally free.  Access it here.

Using Visual.ly in your maths lessons

If haven't already seen it visual.ly is the webs best collection of info graphics and basically a statisticians dream.  Visually takes any concept and breaks it down into the simplest key statistics and facts relating to thousands of topics.

As a maths teacher this offers a wealth of data to inform students and a great starting point to lead to larger mathematical questions.

For Instance the info graphic below is related to the explosion of Halloween Stores across the United States.  Take a look at this with your own students and do some of your own research in these areas to see how your students compare to the national average.  This will lead you to seek out further statistical information regarding your findings.

There are a multitude of options for using maths and writing in Visual.ly and it will really engage your students because it is current, topical and looks amazing.  Access it here.