2 Solutions to writing lesson Plans on the iPad

Every week there seems to be some new teaching apps for mobile devices but not a great deal of them are aimed at writing lesson plans.  These two iOS apps aim to cover this area of the market.


GoClass is a free iOS app and website that allows teachers to create lesson plans, annotate images, and more.  Also, the app interacts w/ the website to allow for student assessment while interacting w/ student devices in real-time.  Students can learn at their own pace w/ GoClass while interacting w/ the lessons and images.


iLesson Plans

Why carry lots of paper lesson plans around with when you can have all your notes on your iPad!

iLesson Plans not only allows you to create detailed Lesson Plans whilst on the move you can also:

•Keep a daily planner of which lesson are for which period
•Keep track of Classes
•Keep track of each Pupil
•Export your Lesson in PDF or Word Format
•Save your lesson plans to iTunes
•Save your Lesson Plans to Dropbox
•Send your Lesson Plans Via Email
•Add Hyperlinks to your Lesson Plans and open them on your iPad.
•Use Airplay to Mirror your lesson plans to the computer*
•App data backed up to iCloud (You can use multiple iPads)

iLesson Plans is suitable for any teacher from Primary to Universities.  Access it here.