How to develop a Lesson Plan - For Absolute Beginners


How to Develop a Lesson Plan

We have received several questions regarding how to write a good lesson plan. We went ahead and asked our experts, did some research, and have included some tips and guidelines below.

To begin, ask yourself three basic questions:

Where are your students going?

How are they going to get there?

How will you know when they've arrived?

Then begin to think about each of the following categories which form the organization of the plan. While planning, use the questions below to guide you during each stage.


Goals determine purpose, aim, and rationale for what you and your students will engage in during class time.  Use this section to express the intermediate lesson goals that draw upon previous plans and activities and set the stage by preparing students for future activities and further knowledge acquisition.  The goals are typically written as broad educational or unit goals adhering to State or National curriculum standards.

What are the broader objectives, aims, or goals of the unit plan/curriculum?
What are your goals for this unit?
What do you expect students to be able to do by the end of this unit?


This section focuses on what your students will do to acquire further knowledge and skills. The objectives for the daily lesson plan are drawn from the broader aims of the unit plan but are achieved over a well defined time period.

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