The secret of teaching the Holocaust to students

I came across a great website full of content on teaching the holocaust to students.  These activities have been developed for teachers to use as a guide. Their intent is to give teachers a framework to follow for use in a Holocaust unit of study. The philosophy behind these activities is based on constructivist pedagogy, brain-based learning and the awareness of the theory of multiple intelligences. It is hoped teachers will use them and build on them to fit the needs of students, taking into account their age, maturity, and ability levels.

It is strongly recommended that teachers read the Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust published by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum before designing activities or using the ones we offer in A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust. The suggestions and cautions the Holocaust Museum offers are important and invaluable in delivering Holocaust instruction. The sensitivity of the subject matter requires careful consideration when designing curriculum and guiding students in presentations and research.

Access the holocaust student activities here.