Free Classroom Posters: The 8 Parts of Speech

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I must admit that as a student I never really understood the difference between nouns, adverbs, interjections and the other parts of speech all that well.

Then when I went to university I almost convinced myself that they were an area of superfluous knowledge when I succeeded at a tertiary level with little to no knowledge of them

As a teacher though. I was quickly found out when trying to give my students the tools and language to make their writing more mature and appealing to specific audiences. 

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To address this I have spent quite a bit of time brushing up my own knowledge on the 8 parts of common speech.

  • Nouns
  • Verbs
  • Pronouns
  • Adjectives
  • Prepositions
  • Conjunctions
  • Interjections
  • Adverbs

To remind me of this I have made 9 posters to share with anyone who wants them that outline the purpose, example words and sentences for each of the 8 areas.

Click here to download them and enjoy.

*Please note all of our posters are originally designed using high resolution images and fonts at A3 paper size.

Be aware it will be automatically resized to your default paper size when using Adobe Acrobat Reader without any loss of quality. If you would like to print these documents at larger sizes you can read the Adobe Resize & Scaling FAQ here.

We recommend laminating them for best results.

Finally if you would like to purchase a completely editable version of this document to alter without any restrictions you can purchase it for $10.00 simply by emailing us.

An Epic Collection of Free Thinking Tools for Teachers and Students

 Last month we began offering the webs best collection of free classroom posters to Print and download and beautify your classroom.

This month we are offering an excellent collection of Thinking tools specifically aimed at teachers and students to help them improve their logical ordering of ideas and enhance creativity. 

Today we are proud to publicize these thinking tools and will be adding a new thinking tool every day.

We have begun the collection with over fifteen different thinking tools you can download immediately and like our classroom posters have, these will grow dramatically over the next few weeks.

All of these tools have been produced as high resolution images and will print in great quality at nearly any size.

So enjoy our Thinking Tools and feel free to let us know if there is any specific thinking tool or strategy you would like to see added to the collection.

This Weeks Newest Free Classroom Posters

I am glad to say that we have had over 11,500 dowloads of our posters since we launched it a fortnight ago, but I am even gladder to tell you that there are three more additions (SEE ABOVE)  to our classroom posters sets this week. 

  1. Amazing Angles
  2. Daily News
  3. Days of the Week

Download, Print, Share and Enjoy.

Take a look at our classroom Posters section to download the newest hi-res classroom posters.



Five Finger Phonicsis loaded with proper sound associated with letter/sound, an image for each sound, a physical movement (done with five fingers or less), a list of visuals to show your students, a list of words that either start with the letter or have the letter (vowel) sound in the middle, food items to further engage the kids and to strengthen the letter sound, a story title or two to read to the class, a hook activity to introduce the letter and sound, hands on manipulative activity, and a song or two to sing for that letter/sound.

Download the eBook here.


Jenny Eather has been a long time contributor to the world of online teaching resources and unfortunately most of them have now gone to the commercial world. This year she has released a great animated maths dictionary which we can only hope will remain free for a little while longer yet.

It has hundreds of animated examples of key mathematical concepts that will look great on your interactive whiteboard.  Be sure to check it outheretoday.

Great sites to learn English for Free

Dont speak the queens language as well as you would like?  Then these sites will certainly be of use to you to help improve your understanding of the English language.

  • Connect with English Web
    • Featuring the story of Rebecca, an aspiring singer on a journey across America, Connect With English offers 50 fifteen-minute video programs that will teach English as a second language to high school students, college students and adult learners. Produced by WGBH Boston.
  • The English We Speak iTunes Free - Web Site
    • Each week, the BBC looks at phrases used in the English language.
  • American English Speech Web
    •  The OLI American English Dialect course from Carnegie Mellon supplies the necessary reinforcement of dialectical structure, audio, production technique and phonetic representation for each sound.
  • 6 Minute English iTunes Free - Downloads - Web Site
    • Learn and practice useful English with the BBC.
  • Better @ English iTunes Free - Feed
    • Focuses on conversational English, with an emphasis on idioms and slang.
  • Business English iTunes Free
    • Learn the English you will need to function effectively in an American business environment.
  • Effortless English iTunes Free Feed
    • It gets solid reviews.
  • English as a Second Language iTunes Free Feed Web Site
    • A very well liked collection of ESL lessons. Over 100 episodes in the collection.
  • English in the Real World iTunes Free
    • The focus here is on the business world and things financial.
  • English for Spanish Speakers (’Por Fin Aprende Ingles’) iTunes Free Feed
    • Si usted haya asistido al menos a un curso de ingles, y usted necesita la oportunidad de escuchar al ingles y hablar el ingles, entonces ‘Por Fin Aprende Ingles’ es el podcast perfecto para usted. Presentado por Carla Staufert-Sauvier, una profesora de Mexico, y Jade Lindquist, una profesora de los EE UU.
  • ESL Business News iTunes Free Feed Web Site
    • A weekly wrap of international business news read in slow, clear English. Listen to the broadcast and follow along in the accompanying script.
  • Grammar Girl iTunes Free Feed Web Site
    • Grammar Girl provides short, friendly tips to improve your writing. Whether English is your first language or your second language, these grammar, punctuation, style, and business tips will make you a better and more successful writer.
  • Speaking English iTunes Free Feed Web Site
    • 100+ lessons focusing on English pronunciation and vocabulary.
  • Tu Ingles! iTunes Free Feed Web Site
    • “Tu Ingles” is designed to help Spanish-speakers improve their ear for English. The weekly program features drills of verb conjugation, interviews, advice about idioms, and excerpts of speeches and other recorded spoken material from famous English speakers.

Top 5 Free iPad Education Apps

I know we regularly take a look at great educational apps at Edgalaxy but the vast majority of those apps do come at some expense. Se here is our list of the top 5 free educational apps. These apps may be particularly helpful for those pursue a degree

1.   Google Earth:  Hold the world in the palm of your hand. With Google Earth for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, you can fly to far corners of the planet with just the swipe of a finger. Explore the same global satellite and aerial imagery available in the desktop version of Google Earth, including high-resolution imagery for over half of the world's population and a third of the world's land mass.

2.  iBooks:  iBooks is an amazing way to download and read books. iBooks includes the iBookstore, where you can download the latest bestselling books or your favorite classics – day or night. Browse your library on a beautiful bookshelf, tap a book to open it, flip through pages with a swipe or a tap, and bookmark or add notes to your favorite passages.

3.  Image Searcher: (Free)  Image Searcher is a Google/Bing Image searching tool for iPad. Simply type in any keywords and you will see the thumbnails of images. You can view the original images, save them to your Photo Albums, email them to your friends, or open the original web pages.

4.  National Film Board:  As featured in a nation-wide marketing campaign by Apple, the NFB Films app allows you to watch over 2000 movies - documentaries, animations and feature films - free on your iPad.

5:  ToonTastic:  Toontastic teaches key storytelling principles that help to promote Creativity at a young age. Its drawing tools bring kids’ wildest ideas to life alongside virtual playsets chock full of pirates, princesses, far away galaxies, and many other characters and settings to spark the imagination. Cartoons can be shared online via ToonTube, Toontastic’s Global Storytelling Network, to help children connect to friends and family and learn about other cultures, customs, and lifestyles through stories created by their peers around the world.

How to find free textboooks and e-books using Google

Going to university is expensive, and textbooks can make the bill go even higher. However, you don't have to break the bank to finance a good education; there are plenty of places on the Web where you can find and download free online books for nearly any course.
Google Search is both a very simple and complex beast and if you know a little bit about how it works you can find specific file types and e-books very easily.
The first place to start when looking for a textbook is Google, using the filetype command. Type in filetype:pdf, followed by the name of the book you're looking for in quotes. Here's an example:

filetype:pdf "history of anthropology"

If you don't have any luck with the book's title, try the author (again, surrounded by quotes), or, you can also look for another type of file: PowerPoint (ppt), Word (doc), etc. You'll also want to check Google Scholar, a great place to find all sorts of academic-oriented content. Check out these specific search tips for Google Scholar that will help you drill down to what you're looking for quickly.

Hope you find this useful.