Doink - Create Online Animations with Ease with younger Students

What is it?  Doink was pointed out to me by @kdmiller4 as a collaboration tool she uses with her class to create animations and share them with the world.  It must have really snuck under the radar because it is a brilliant little drawing / animation tool that allows you use your own artistic skills or simply pull in any number of pre drawn objects from others around the globe to make a simple animation that you can embed in your own web spaces or instantly upload to youtube or facebook.  Younger kids will love it it is dead easy as demonstrated in the video below.

How can I integrate this into the classroom?  Doink is a great tool for younger students to begin making visual literacies. Get them to story board a narrative and then begin creating.   As these objects are embeddable you might get half the class one day to create a doink  animation and the other half can make up their own stories about what they think the animation is about below it.  Check it out here.

Animation Tutorial for from Aaron White on Vimeo.

Online Mind Mapping Tool Comparison

Mind Mapping tools such as Inspiration and Freemind have been available for a while as standalone mind mapping, thought collaboration tool, what ever you want to call it software packages and I must say that having used both Inspiration is the clear leader in the market due to it's ease of use visual styling and flexibility, but it must be remembered that Inspiration is a paid product and Freemind is quite obviously free and offers a similar experience. 

Today I am going to look at 3 free web based products that allow you to create mind maps online and more importantly embed them in a blog or webspace of your choice.

 MindMeister:  Offers collaborative mind mapping and it has a good visual appeal for a web based product.  It is reasonably simple to use and dead easy to embed into your web space.  It does require an annoying  sign up process and has both free and paid options.


myWebspiration:  Is made by the creators of Inspiration and is a beta version of their excellent software based package.  It works fine on their site  and is relatively easy to navigate but the final embedded project does not work as it should with links becoming broken.  Needs a little more polish but shows a great deal of polish.  If embedding is not important then this is my pick.


Wisemapping didn't excite me too much.  It is a simple and effective product that actually works but lacks depth and visual appeal.  I would recommend either of the above depending on what you want to achieve.




So all told for an embeddable mind mapping tool that looks reasonable and has some depth to it I would recommend Mindmeister but I will keep an eye in webspiration as it looks a little more engaging but is currently let down by it's ability to embed effectively.

Love to hear your thoughts.

Vocaroo - Post audio to the web in seconds

Dead simple just visit the site hit record - IT will record your pod cast, reading sample, song whatever and then give you a link to share it witht the world through your blog or whatever we service you wish.  No Sign up necessary.  10 / 10 for simplicity and ease of use.  Check it out here.