Top 5 Ways for Teachers to Earn Extra Income

No one gets a teaching degree for the money.  It's the holiday's right?  Or maybe you actually have a passion for what you do?  Either way times can get tough for anyone in any profession and whilst teaching offers security and stability it offers very little earning opportunity through overtime or paid increased duties. 

Therefore if you want to look for some extra earning power from teaching then you are probably going to have to chase those dollars yourself.  Below are a few ideas that can help you pay for that next holiday or just keep the mortgage at bay whilst utilising your skills as a teacher.

Tutoring:  This is a no brainer really.  And for some it is a great as long as you are happy to teach outside of school and inside.  Tutoring is usually tax free and the hours are extremely flexible.  If you really want to earn good money from tutoring you need to get a group of students together and tutor them all at once.  NEVER tutor a child that you teach unless everyone is entirely happy with this situation as it can really cross the line between what should be happening inside the classroom and in tutoring sessions.

Lecturing:  You would be amazed at the amount of sessional work going for teachers at universities around the globe.  The simple reason for this is because many lecturers have been out of the game for so long they cannot effectively communicate with students about the truths of teaching and learning in the modern era.  Universities are more than aware that the best teachers are in classrooms and are happy to hear from those that are experienced. Be prepared to put in a little extra work here but the earning potential is very high.  Ring your local university. Explain your skill set and go from there.

Sell your lesson plans:  There are a number of outlets to sell your lesson plans on the web and this would have to be the easiest way to get money for work you have already done and will never receive a cent for otherwise.   Be careful and read the fine print before agreeing to anything online.  We are always looking for lesson plans and pay some of the best prices on the web for quality content.  Check it out here if you are interested.

Start Blogging:  There are HUGE opportunities to earn GOOD money from blogging about education or anything for that matter on the web.  But take it from me that it is not an overnight solution to your financial problems and don’t even consider starting a blog unless you could write 50 high quality articles right now.  Most people have lofty ambitions but shallow ideas and quickly tire and falter.  If you are madly passionate about something check out Squarespace - The best blogging platform on the web and get started.  The money will come if the ideas and passion are there.

Teach Overseas:  The glory days of earning megabucks by teaching overseas have subsided a little due to the global financial crisis, but If you are open minded and not tied down to a location then this is a great opportunity to enhance your profession and bank balance.  The UK, Many Asian countries and the United Arab Emirates offer teachers pretty good income opportunities but be prepared to accept the culture and expectations of the country you are entering. Find a country and research the education system thoroughly as your qualifications will differ depending upon where you choose to go.

We would love to hear of any great ideas or success that you have had in earning extra income as a teacher.