Five Finger Phonicsis loaded with proper sound associated with letter/sound, an image for each sound, a physical movement (done with five fingers or less), a list of visuals to show your students, a list of words that either start with the letter or have the letter (vowel) sound in the middle, food items to further engage the kids and to strengthen the letter sound, a story title or two to read to the class, a hook activity to introduce the letter and sound, hands on manipulative activity, and a song or two to sing for that letter/sound.

Download the eBook here.

How to find free textboooks and e-books using Google

Going to university is expensive, and textbooks can make the bill go even higher. However, you don't have to break the bank to finance a good education; there are plenty of places on the Web where you can find and download free online books for nearly any course.
Google Search is both a very simple and complex beast and if you know a little bit about how it works you can find specific file types and e-books very easily.
The first place to start when looking for a textbook is Google, using the filetype command. Type in filetype:pdf, followed by the name of the book you're looking for in quotes. Here's an example:

filetype:pdf "history of anthropology"

If you don't have any luck with the book's title, try the author (again, surrounded by quotes), or, you can also look for another type of file: PowerPoint (ppt), Word (doc), etc. You'll also want to check Google Scholar, a great place to find all sorts of academic-oriented content. Check out these specific search tips for Google Scholar that will help you drill down to what you're looking for quickly.

Hope you find this useful.

201 Literacy and maths tips for parents to help their kids

This is an excellent resource from the Victorian Department of Education and contains activities and ideas for children of all ages.  It is very simple to follow and help parents better understand thier child's learning process in school.

I would highly recommend it for parents that are keen to get more involved with their child's

You can download the entire eBook free here.