Excellent Chemistry Videos for Students

From the Journal of Chemical Education. Exciting movies of some explosive, flaming, and colorful chemical reactions. You will need the free QuickTime Player to watch.  Check it out here.

Video Tutorials for Teachers: Making Pictographs

Welcome to the first of many video tutorials.  I have deliberately kept this weeks very simple as I am trying to learn some new technology myself.  Pictographs are a great maths lesson for junior students to explore graphing and data in the early years of schooling.  This video tutorial below explains all the steps to get you and your students to produce a pictograph in no time. The aim of these video tutorials is that you can sit back and learn alongside your students.  Enjoy and feedback is always appreciated.


Here is the example I produced if you want my template, and here is an old school link to a written lesson plan if you need further assistance.