Angles Lesson Plan: Design your own Mini Golf Course

mini golf.PNG

Thanks to Jarrod Sing for submitting this great lesson plan.

You have just been chosen to design a pro mini golf course for the World Professional Mini Golf Association (WPMGA)

Your course needs to be challenging for the players and it can have bunkers, mountains, forests, lava lakes obstacles etc.

Once you have designed your holes, you need to show how a professional player would hit (using angles) to bounce off the walls to get it in.

Your course needs to have the following:

Click here to download the entire Printable PDF of this activity including examples.

  At least 4 displays of parallel and perpendicular lines

 At least 2 of each angle acute, obtuse, right, reflex and straight angles included in the shots

In your shots on each golf hole you must show that you have accurately measured angles of

63 Degrees

97 Degrees

235 Degrees

12 Degrees

300 Degrees

mini golf maths 2.PNG