E-Learning / ICT Scope and Sequence Chart - What to teach in Computers and When

I put together this really handy chart to advise teachers what they should be teaching in ICT / E-Learning and when.  It is linked to VELS but really applies to any curriculum and you should feel confident in delivering these activities to the year level recommended.  Download the PDF File here.

Weekly Maths Extension Tasks for Upper Students


I am currently trying to find a good series of maths tasks that I can give to my upper maths students to really challenge them at home and am not really having a great deal of luck.  I did however come across a great site here that has some extension activities correlated to everyday maths curriculum. 

Hold the Phone I just found 2 more good ones


University of Washington Challenge of the week

And here are 2 more additions



I would love to hear of any that you know of and will definitely share them here.