Maths Card Game - More / less / the same - Place value

Thankyou to Michael Ymer for this great game suitable for students from Prep to Year 6.

Card game for groups of four. Remove picture cards and jokers. Deal each child 6 cards. Cards left placed in the middle and turn the top one over.

Taking turns the children place a card down according to

* same number. * one more or one less. * two more or two less. * double the number

* half the number

The child must verbalise the choice they have made to discard and why. If a card cannot be discarded then a card is picked up from the deck.

First to discard all their cards wins the game.


Discard two or more cards that add up to the card displayed.                                  

Include the Joker with the value of zero.

Include the picture cards with the values   Jack  11     Queen 12      King  13