Teach your students to identify number patterns

This activity will allow students to develop an understanding of math patterns.  Identifying patterns also builds number sense including skip counting, mental math, and problem solving.  A pattern can be any arrangement of things in math such as numbers or geometric shapes that are repeated in an orderly recognizable manner.

Click here to download the entire 5 page lesson plan

Free e-Book: Acing Math (One Deck at a Time)

Acing Math (One Deck At A Time!) is a collection of math games ranging from Kindergarten to the upper elementary grades, using only an ordinary deck of playing cards.  There are games covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, percents, decimals, patterns, positive and negative integers, as well as many others. 

A very wise old maths teacher who once taught me said that "You can teach every aspect of maths with a pack of cards" and this e-Book goes a long way to supporting that statement.

Download the free e-Book here.