Edit Audio and Video straight from the Browser

File Lab offers two web-based editing tools. One for editing video and the other for editing music. Both are easy to use and fairly full featured. File Lab has a intuitive interface and is great for crafting and sharing multimedia creations. This might be a real life saver in your classroom if you dont have access to a standalone editing software package.  Access it here.

Convert any PDF Document to Word for Free

You may have a number of PDF files that you have scanned or recieved as an email and you simply want to change one slight element of that document and use it with your staff and students.  

PDF to Word is a totally free site that allows you to upload a file convert and email it to yourself in seconds.  Very useful and practical.

Check it out here.

Convert any web page to a PDF instantly

Not really much here to add.  PDFmyURL converts any web page exactly as it stands to a PDF document. much like a screen capture but into something that you have a bit more editorial control over in terms of dealing with text and images.  

This is a handy little tool for researchers or if you needed some evidence of what a site was running on a specific day. Access it here.

Diagrammr: Magically convert words into diagrams in seconds

Diagrammr is an unusual tool that still serves a common purpose.  I am sure you have scribbled something on the back of a napkin or a coaster trying to explain something using arrows, boxes and words in a bar late at night.

Well Diagrammr does exactly this by you simply entering steps of a procedure as text and it magically appears as a workable diagram. 

The diagrams are very simple simple but is the idea.  You can embed, print or hyperlink to your diagram once completed.  Once again it seems a little strange but so was Wordle at first.  I will continue to play with this a little further and find out what else it has to offer.  It is totally free and does not require any sign up or messing around to get into it.  Check it out here.  Example Below

Free Media Conversion in the Cloud

Convert any media file format (Documents, Images, Audio, Video & Archives) without buying or installing anything on your PC. On the site you can change WAV to MP3, JPEG to TIFF, DOC to html , AVI to MP4, and most surprisingly, you can also make mathematical conversions in units, plus plenty more.

Basically you chose the file and then send you link to where you can upload it in it's new format.  Pretty cool but I don't know how the media companies will handle it.  Anyhow check it out here

Upload any file as it's own webpage. Great tool for sharing class resources at file2.ws


Thanks to killerstartups.com for this little gem.

This is a new, free service that plays out a concise yet very useful role. In essence, it will let you upload any file and have it transformed into a webpage that anybody can visit.

That is, your file becomes stationed online. It is obviously not going to be converted into a fully-fledged webpage with all the features and functionalities that one expects to see in an online resource, but it will be accessible by all your friends and peers.

The full list of files you can upload to be converted is detailed online. This list includes audio and photo files, programming source code and documents of every kind. Chemical file formats are likewise accounted for, and the same goes for compressed files such as ZIP or RAR archives.

The one limitation you have to comply with is that files should not exceed 15 MB. Other than that, you can upload whatever you want whenever the fancy takes you.
When all is said and done, if you are looking into sharing files in a very direct way, and dispense with signing in and staying in queue then this site might just be what the doctor ordered. Follow the link that is displayed at the bottom in order to learn more or start sharing right away.

Format Factory - Convert Anything

Much like CD Burner XP below this is a totally free no strings attached piece of software that simply does what is says.  It converts multitudes of audio and video files from one format to another.  Check out the site for all the finer details of exact formats and procedures but I have been using this over a year now and have had no rejections on file formats.  Another must install on your school PC's.

Get it here