Learning & Education in the Google Cloud

Not really much to say here except for this is pretty much everything you need to know about Learning in the Google Cloud.  Take a look

My number one Web Tool for Teachers

It amazes me how many teachers I see who lose data, carry around thumb drives have multiple versions of the same files spread over laptops, servers and home desktops.  Get with the program guys.  Dropbox is 100 percent free takes 2 minutes to install on your computer and synchronises all of your files between any number of computers and even your iPhone.  Even if you get on a computer that doesn't have Dropbox installed you can access all of your files through their web portal in seconds.  Photos's, music, documents links it doesn't matter and there is no file size or type restriction.

I have all of my teaching docs on dropbox and if I change something at home or school within seconds it is altered on all the computers whether they are on or off. If you put stuff up in your public folder your kids can access it straight from the web.  Great for Homework.

can I just say that I do not get a cent for using or promoting dropbox but it is still my number one webtool to the point I don't even carry a computer with me from home to work anymore.  I have used it for 3 years without a hiccup.  Get it here.

text2mindmap. It doesn't get much easier than this

What is it?  Text 2 Mind Map is a web application that converts texts to mind maps.  It takes a structured list of words or sentences, interprets it, and draws a mind map out of them. It is dead simple and can be stylized somewhat in terms of fonts and colours.  You can save your mindmap as a Jpeg also.

How can I use this in the classroom?  Next time you brainstorm, put away the white board marker, DOn't bother loading inspiration, you can just make a list and drop it straight in to text2mindmap.com.  Your kids will nut this out in seconds.  Check it out here.