How to build and outdoor classroom at your school

We often think of a classroom as essentially... A room.  But there are days when mother nature offers far more enriching learning opportunities in the open.

And the effort and expense to build one of these in your school is minimal.  It is really surprising to think that every school doesn't have one when you consider the opportunities it offers students and teachers to break the mold every now and then.

I came a across these simple plans from kaboom that outlines one idea but I am sure that you could adapt this to suit your needs.  You can download them here.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has had any experience in this field and could share their insights. 

3 Tools that will make organizing your classes for next year a breeze

The end of the year is a very busy and hectic time in any school and organising grades for next year can be a tricky process no matter how you approach it.  I have put together 3 simple tools that will streamline this process and make it as painless as possible by following these three simple steps.

1:  Download the current class analysis tool and rank your current students on their academic performance and behaviour. All teachers will need to do this.

2:  Get your students to download and complete their friend request form.  This ensures your students will be placed in a group with at least one of their friend. 

3:  Collect both of these sheets and use the data you have to generate your grades on the  Downloadable Excel Based Glass group organiser.  This will allow you to get an excellent colour coded overview of each grades academic and behavioural capacity and give you the flexibility to cut and paste students from one area from another until you are satisfied.

I hope this makes your movement of students a little easier.