Free 57 page Christmas activity book for Elementary / Primary Teachers

Thanks for your support in 2018

Thanks for your support in 2018

2018 has almost passed us by, and without your support, by visiting this site it would have been a really tough year.

So the best way that we feel we can thank you is to give you a little present to get you through the Christmas season in the classroom.

There is plenty of different content here to keep your students engaged, and save your sanity as we wrap up 2018.

Download our 57 page Christmas Activity book COMPLETELY FREE HERE. Have a great Christmas and a happy new year.


Kev and Belinda

Take a look at our new Christmas Teaching Ideas

As Christmas approaches you might be looking for some ideas to integrate the festive season into your classroom.  

Fear not as we have created a new Christmas section for you to browse and hopefully find some ideas that are both fun and creative.  It can be found here.  Enjoy

Classic radio recordings to help students with reading

There is a wealth of great media at your fingertips if you scratch a little and today I came across a couple of classic audio recordings I remember hearing as a child around Christmas time which you simply do not hear these days.

These recordings would make for an excellent listening post on an iPad or something similar. 

You could get your students to listen to these and draw an image they can see whilst listening to the story and then maybe put together a piece of writing explaining how their picture fits in with the message of the story.

Maybe students could examine why so much effort was put into creating these great audio stories during the 1940's.

The options are rich - just as the two recordings I have which were first broadcast live on Christmas eve 1944.  I hope you enjoy them.  There are plenty more to be found on Youtube

Bing Crosby reading 'The Small One' from 1944 - Excellent Christmas story

Orsen Welles and Bing Crosby reading 'The Happy Prince'

Christmas Calculation Challenge


This mini lesson will allow students to put their computation skills to work, while having some Christmas fun.  Students will be provided a budget (set amount of money to spend).  They will be choosing items from the list for each member of their family.  The goal is for them to divide their money evenly between each family member.  Then, they will be choosing the best gifts for each family member. 

Click here to download the complete lesson plan

Christmas Energy Science Lesson


Energy is required for all activities.  Santa and his reindeer require energy too.  This fun worksheet will allow students to think about kinetic and potential energy while thinking about everyone’s favorite December topic – Christmas.  Students are given different scenarios and are able to consider the key concepts of kinetic energy or something in motion versus potential energy where action could occur if there was a force applied.  Let’s hop aboard Santa’s sleigh ride and travel around the world. 

Click here to download the complete lesson plan for free

Christmas math word problems


Christmas Math Word Problems provides some math word problems that allow students to apply real-world settings.  Students see how important math is in computing basic problems that can arise on a daily basis.  Hopefully, these math problems won’t be greeted with too much frustration, since they were written with a heavy Christmas theme.  After all, this time of year is all about tinsel and holly, right?

Click here to download the complete lesson plan

Free Christmas wordsearches, puzzles and crosswords


Provided here is a word search puzzle that includes some key symbols of the Christmas season.  Students will have fun searching for these key words.  There is also a crossword puzzle provided that gives sixteen clever clues that gets kids thinking about American traditions and symbols of the Christmas season.  These fun classroom resources will provide great filler for time when one-on-one remediation or other small group work needs to be completed.  Students can work independently to complete the word search, the crossword puzzle, or both.  Best of all, they will be smiling because of the pleasant reminder that Christmas is near!

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Christmas Vocabulary Challenge Game


With the Spirit of Christmas in the air, students are bound to think about the holidays, right?   This fun game allows students to use their spelling, writing, and reading skills to compete in a friendly vocabulary game.  There are various categories and different challenges that appeal to different thinking skills  Everyone is sure to enjoy the team efforts that these five rounds combine.  Let’s get the combination started to see which team emerges as the victor in the Christmas Spirit Showdown.