Teach your students about the four different types of bullying


Bullying has become a very popular word amongst school age children. 

However, this word is often misunderstood.  Bullying is action(s) repeated over and over again by an individual or group of people with the intent to harm either physically, verbally, socially (emotionally), or through cyber sources. 

This lesson will discuss and explore the different types of bullying and provide students with the opportunity to identify the various types.

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Teach your students about bullying and strategies to deal with it.


Bullying is a problem that often starts in the early years. At times, students may not understand the severity of their actions. For others, they may not know how to appropriately respond to those bullying them.

In any case, bullying bites! &This simple lesson allows for thoughtful discussion and reflection between teachers and students. Awareness can assist in preventing the lingering effects of bullying.

Click here to download the free lesson plan