Create your own Brain Games simply to embed on your web spaces

What is it?  ProProfs Brain Games is an archive of over 4,000 educational games & puzzles! It's unique feature allows users to create their own custom games and share them across the Web by quickly
uploading them to blogs and social media.

Besides featuring games that have educational & mental health benefits, ProProf's custom brain game creation feature makes it possible for teachers and students to encourage visitors to spend more time on their learning content by presenting their text or photos in the form of a game or puzzle, and teachers can engage their students by integrating their own games into lesson plans.

ProProfs Brain Games Key Features:
•        Play over 4,000 FREE educational games & puzzles.
•        Create custom games such as customized crossword, wordsearch,
jigsaw & more.
•        Share across the Web - embed games into any Webpage.
•        Integrate easily into blog posts, lesson plans and social media.
•        Participate in a clean, safe, family friendly gaming community that
parents feel good about.
•        Something fun for everyone – bloggers, teachers & students,
parents & kids, or casual gamers looking to flex their mental muscles.
•        Engage your readers or students – Games make people pay attention!!

How can I integrate this into my classroom?  I would recommend getting your kids to create a series of games related around a theme.  For example if you were studying Antarctica you could have some word searches about famous explorers, some picture slide puzzles of glaciers and penguins maybe a hangman game about weather conditions.  There is a multitude of games to choose from all you need to do is create a shared class blog or wiki space and let the kids upload their games and there you have an instant literacy session next week solving them all. 

I have included a sample below of a ProProf game and you can access the site here.