Edit Audio and Video straight from the Browser

File Lab offers two web-based editing tools. One for editing video and the other for editing music. Both are easy to use and fairly full featured. File Lab has a intuitive interface and is great for crafting and sharing multimedia creations. This might be a real life saver in your classroom if you dont have access to a standalone editing software package.  Access it here.

Post audio to the web in seconds with Vocaroo

Dead simple just visit the site hit record - IT will record your pod cast, reading sample, song whatever and then give you a link to share it witht the world through your blog or whatever we service you wish.  No Sign up necessary.  10 / 10 for simplicity and ease of use.  Check it out here.

mp3Kut - Edit mp3 files straight from the browser

mp3cut is service that allows you to cut mp3 files on-line. From now on you don't need difficult programs to cut and create a melody for your cell-phone. Three simple actions and your melody is ready!  Dead simple. Access it here.

Soundation is another top audio app run straight from the browser

Make no mistake Myna is Garageband in the Browser for mine is a far superior product to Soundation but nonetheless Soundation is another great tool for those want to get creative on the web and make some music with minimal fuss.  Students and teachers can use this tools as a powerful online sequencer with 11 real time effects, 3 synthesizers, a drum machine and a fully integrated Sound Shop. It has both a free and paid version and is definitely worth a look if music is your thing.  Get it here.

Free Garageband competitor for Mac and PC

What is it: I have not really found a product that is even closely comparable to the quality and simplicity of Apple's Garageband for budding musicians and loopers and it would have to be a real selling point for Apple  to teenagers who want be creative and create something fresh and cool.  Well after about an hour of playtime I have to say that Aviary's multi track Audio Studio Myna is a close second and quite possibly the web cloud based applications I have yet seen.

This multitrack (Maximumof ten) recording studio allows you to record and edit audio through your browser without destroying your original file add a range of audio effects such as pans, loops, fades and publish the final product to your desktop or publish it online via your Aviary account.

Better still Myna comes with a library of riffs from Quantum Tracks that can be used for educational purposes, and a few sound effects from other sources. You can upload your clips to the service as well, and record directly from your computer take your pick.

Finally it looks great and will be a sinch to kids and anyone who has ever used a linear based editing suite such as Garageband, Vegas or Audacity.

How can I use this in the classroom: Make a podcast of a literacy task?- Make a Music track combine the two into a dramatical old style radio theatre piece or simply try and produce your first hip-hop track.  Really the sky is the limit with this one and I am sure you will be full of great ideas specific to your kids needs and wants.

My first impressions of this are that it is excellent and a must try for you and your students - Demo Video included below and Myna can be found here.

Create an animal conservation Mashup video online - Great Student task

The Conservation Mashups project is targeted at students from years 5 to 10. This tool offers students the opportunity to explore the complex issue of palm oil and its threat to wildlife and to take creative action to help save animals from extinction.

Students access a collection of video clips and images and use an online edit tool to 'mash up' their own video to support the 'Don't Palm Us Off' campaign. They can then share their video through a range of social media platforms and on our own gallery. To find out more about the 'Don't Palm Us Off' campaign visit www.zoo.org.au/palmoil.

Soungle - The Google of Royalty free Sound Effects

Soungle has over 100,000 royalty free sound effects for your students to download and use in multimedia projects.  No need to register and extremely teacher and student friendly.  Check it out here.

Storynory: Free Audio books for Kids

Every week Storynory publishes a new audio story read by Natasha whose lovely voice will charm and beguile you. You can read her tips here.  She draws on fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson and seeks out unusual stories from around the world.

She has the entire audio book of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.  Storynory also brings you original children's stories including Prince Bertie the Frog, The Ordinary Witch, and Theo the Monkey

Check out Storynory here.