Amazing interactive Greek Mythology Site for Students

What is it?  I came across Winged Sandals a number of years ago and was really impressed by the amount of effort and detail that had been put into this beautiful site retelling Ancient Greek Mythology.  My kids learnt the stories of Zeus, Athena, Medusa, Icarus and Achilles.  Dicovering who they were and most importantly the message behind their tale of fate or bravery.  Then all of the sudden it just disappeared for around 4 years.

The great news is that it is back and better than ever.  Winged Sandals has beautiful animated stories, a games section where you can replay some of the most famous events of Greek History, Make & Do for teachers to get creative with their students, a who's who? of Monsters, Gods and Mortals, A history Section and even a chance to ask the Oracle a question about life.

There is a good units worth of work here for teachers to offer their students and best of all your  students will really love the interactivity and edgy artwork behind the site.

How can I use this with my students?  I find this a great tool for literacy to teach students about fables and mythology.  They can use this site to read see and hear the most important stories of Greek mythology then discussing as a group what the message and meaning was behind the story and how to subtly work into a tale.  Obviously for History teachers there is a wealth of great content here and anyone studying any form of philosophy or political science will need to pop in for a visit too.

I personally think there is something here for people aged  6 to 106 and would strongly recommend taking a look at Winged Sandals today.  Let us know what you think too.