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My Place in History is a free web-based program designed to teach students about the concepts of change and diversity – of backgrounds, in family structures, and the many economic, political and social circumstances in both our distant and more recent history that have contributed to who we are today and how we all came to be living in Australia.

Students will explore their own personal family history, creating family trees online, whilst learning about the key drivers of change within society during the lives of their ancestors - wherever they came from - and how these changes impacted their own identity, as well as that of their family and society more generally.

My Place in History has been designed for teachers by teachers and is tailored to each state’s individual curriculum. A collection of specially designed online resources and activities have been developed to make learning about history, and their family’s role within this, both educational and engaging. Better still, it’s completely free!

My Place in History is powered by Ancestry.com.au, Australia’s leading online family history resource and part of the Ancestry.com global network of websites.

Unit 1: Change through History

Students will learn about significant changes that have occurred over time in transport, communication, manufacturing, housing, leisure, food, technology, purchasing, and medicine.

Unit 2: My Society through History

Students will develop an understanding of history as it applies to their community. The initial focus is on the school; the subsequent focus is on a section of a nearby community.

Unit 3 My Family History

Students will research and understand a minimum of two generations of their own family through the use of oral history and interactive resources.

The website also provides a secure area for each teacher to upload and store their digital own resources.

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As our aim is to continue developing this web-based resource, we would be keen to hear any feedback that you may have.

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