Fact Vs Opinion - Teaching Children To Be Critical Readers

Thanks to Scott @ www.mytopten.com.au

Advertising is often something that we forget to teach children about and it is this that can make the most influence on their lives as they get older. With literally thousands of advertisements shown to them through various media such as television, newpapers and magazines, our children need to learn to be critical readers and to learn to decipher the truth.

An activity that I have developed looks at understanding the differences between fact and opinion and how companies use persuasive advertising to get us to buy their products.

Pleaseclick hereto download the slideshow that will assist in teaching the lesson to your children.

Further information on teaching children about fact and opinion can also be found here:





Show your students how old Spice won the Internet

About six month's ago the reputation of 'Old Spice' literally stunk with today's kids as they associated grandpa's, woolen cardigans and old wooden ships with the age old aftershave.  The company realised they were in desperate need of a make over to compete with the David Beckham, Roger Federer and shameless sex appeal of their competitors. 

What they came up with was one of the most successful viral video campaigns of all time that has now grown a life of it's own with thousands of DIY 'Old Spice' popping up daily.

This great article explains how Procter & Gamble 'Old Spice's' Parent company used the web to create the world's biggest video phenomenon of 2010 and is a great discussion piece to have with teenage students as it discusses issues of social media and community lead promotion.  Much of which is being done by teenagers.  Check it out here.