Now you can edit edit text within images - Amazing

Every once in while you see computers do things that make you go "wow" and this definitely falls in to that category.

Project Naptha is a chrome extension that allows you to edit text directly from within an image.  This process need to be seen to be believed and it opens up a range of opportunities for teachers and students to use images from the web much the same as you do text.

Naptha developers claim a 96 percent accuracy figure from decent quality images.  


Furthermore Naptha will also remove text from an image.  So all those watermarks and copyright notices which protect ownership of an image may become irrelevant in the near future from technology such as this.

Take a look at Naptha yourself now by downloading the Chrome extension and watch this space as I am sure you will not be hearing the last of project Naptha.


Create great written visuals with "The Snapshot Writing Tool"

The Snapshot Writing Tool is designed to put students in a specific moment in time using a visual prompt such as a photo or video and then write about what you see?  What you hear?  What you smell?  What you taste?  and what you feel?  Drawing upon all 5 senses.

The snapshot writing tool will really encourage your students create visual imagery within their writing, and they have a great deal of fun putting themselves in the perspective of the picture.

Students can either use a photo of their own anlongside the tool or alternately you can access my collection of 150 Amazing writing prompts here.

Download the Snapshot Writing Tool here

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