A few updates to Edgalaxy

With the kids returning to school this week Edgalaxy is now rolling out content on a daily basis again and we have made some changes to the site that all visitors should be aware of. 

  • We have added a stack of lessons and new teaching ideas in the menu bar over the weekend that are worth taking a look at for inspiration.
  • We have opened an Edgalaxy Store for teachers to buy some really worthwhile ebooks and digital resources to download and use in the classroom.  Can I just say this is paid content and the ONLY section of the site we will try to sell material to our visitors.  Everything else as always is free.
  • If you haven't got our free ebook for nerdy teachers grab it now.
  • Everyday we will be adding new content and the best way to keep  up with what is happening in the world of tech tools and toys for nerdy teachers is to subscribe to our RSS Feed and Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Look forward to working with you in 2011