Share your files with the world. Lesson Plans, Apps, Videos etc.

This weekend I added a new section to Edgalaxy that allows you the audience to share your files with us and the rest of the world.  Lesson Plans, Video files, Applications the works. 

There is no restriction to file type and a whopping 1 GB size limit applies to a single file. 

We would love to share content you provide us in whatever manner you suggest and always give full credit to those that have supplied content to us.  You can upload your files here and we look forward to offering greater interaction with our audience.

Create an interactive Classroom Share Board with Stixy

Think of Stixy as your online bulletin board. Create as many Stixyboards as you like, one for each project. Use Stixy to easily organize and share:

  • Your classroom schedule
  • Projects at work
  • An upcoming holiday with your friends
  • Your photos from your last excursion
  • Or share a file or two with a friend

Only you set the limitations for how you want to use Stixy.

Be creative! We have no fixed grid that you need to follow. Can you see the widgets in the widget tray below? Just drag a widget out on the board and place it anywhere you want. Resize it, move it around, and select from a number of options to design your reminders, photos, notes, and files.

To share a Stixyboard with Students, friends, family, or your colleagues at work, is as easy as it gets. Sometimes it’s nice or in fact necessary to have an online space for common photos, reminders, files, and so forth. Each Stixyboard has a unique set of members. No one else can see or use your board unless you choose to open your board for public view.

FUSE - Sneak Preview

The Victorian Department of Education gave a few of us a sneak peak at FUSE last Friday at a conference I was attending in Melbourne.  FUSE is essentially the single access point to all teaching, learning and ICT tools and resources.  It's moniker of FIND, USE and SHARE is really yet to be proven as it is still in a trial phase but there is no shortage of content.  I found reams of flash based resources and content relating to space which my kids are currently working on.  The entire site is VELS based but i am sure the international crowd are smart enough to make sense of it.  The current URL is here, but i have been told it will probably change when it launches officially.