How to use QR cubes to impress your students and parents


Parent teacher interviews can be one of the most stressful nights of the year.  Especially if you have never done one before. 

Usually, you only have about ten minutes to impress upon these people that you are both competent in your role, and you also genuinely care as much for their children as mum and dad do.  Sometimes this might be the only ten minutes you get for the year together.

Today we are going to look at a surefire winner that will ensure your meeting finishes on a high no matter what.  We are going to create some QR Cubes for you to take home to parents on the night that will be of use to them all year long.

The idea is that they take their cube home scan the codes with their phone at home and gain insights into what has happened in the classroom or find out strategies for improving future learning opportunities at home.

So,  Let's go through the process.  You might want to set aside half an hour to do this for your entire class.

Firstly you will need to find 6 ( minimum amount for one dice- but make as many dice as you wish. ) items that you wish to share on your cube. 

Remember everything you direct them to needs to be based on the internet for this to work.  Examples of this might be...

1:  A video link to your classes input into this years school concert.  Youtube or private video hosting will work.

2:  A link to your class blog outlining what has been happening in the classroom.

3:  A link to video you have made about expectations for parents in your class. ie:  - How much should your child be reading etc.

4:  A link to some math's or literacy games you have approved for use in your class that can be played on phones or computers.

5:  A link to your email or twitter account so that parents can ask you questions at any time.

6:  A link to free posters you can put up around the house to help out with tables or spelling etc.

Then you need to convert your links into QR codes.  This will take no more than 5 minutes to do all 6.  Simply watch my instructional video below on how to do this.

So then you simply need to copy and paste your QR codes onto a 3D dice template which can be found here.

Print up a class set.  Get your students to make them at school and be sure to give one out to parents at the meeting.  It will certainly show them something they have never seen in their own experience of school, and makes a great first impression.

If parents need a little info about QR codes you can direct them here.

Finally.  You don't have to make dice you can take this in any direction you want.  Id love to hear your thoughts and ideas.