Racing against time: All Olympic Gold's Compared over a century.

Racing against time is a great series of animations at the NY times that highlight various Gold medal performances in London versus their counterparts over Olympics Past.  For instance you can see just how much faster Usain Bolt is compared to Jesse Owen and Carl Lewis.

There are some other animations on the site looking at swimming and track and field also.

Your Kids will really enjoy taking a look at this and it is a great teaching tool for visualising mathematical Data.  Enjoy.

The evolution of learning technologies throughout history

The NY Times have put together a great interactive timeline of learning technologies from the 'The Horn Book' through to the iPad and everything in between.  This is a great little piece of history to share with your students to help them understand the opportunities we have available to us today.  Check it out here.

NY Times Top 5 Interactive Lesson Plans of the month

I subscribe to the NY Times education section which is full of great content for students and teachers of all ages across all curriculum areas.  Each month they pump out a wealth of great ideas for the classroom - Full planners all resources supplied ( just like us) and here are my top 5 for May.


Fall Into the Gap: Considering Factors That Shape Generations:

In this lesson, students compare their generation with one or more older generations and the reasons for differences between them. They generate defining events they have experienced and consider how those events have shaped who they are—and will become.

Deep Impact: Considering Personal Connections to Writers and Artists:

In this lesson, students identify and investigate a writer or other artist with whom they feel a strong connection and express their relationship with this person, his or her life and works in writing.

Great Debate: Developing Argumentation Skills

In this lesson, students consider the characteristics of effective debate and learn about various formats. They then engage in debates about controversial issues in the news and/or curriculum and conclude by writing evaluations.

Writing to Explain: Creating How-to Scripts and Demonstrations

In this lesson, students examine and evaluate a Times slide show that explains how to pack 10 days’ worth of clothes in a carry-on suitcase. They then generate qualities of good process analysis or procedural writing and create their own physical, video or explanatory, audio demonstrations or explanations.

Going Viral? Creating Dance Videos Across the Curriculum

In this lesson, students watch recent viral dance videos and explore their nature and role in contemporary culture. They then create their own curriculum-based dances (or live performances) to share at school and/or on the Internet.


Hope you enjoy them.  Kev