LEGO updates their robotics lineup for juniors

LEGO have done a great job over the last few years by providing students and teachers with the tools to create some really innovative robotics opportunities in the classroom.

Lego Mindstorms EV3 got an overhaul a few years back which kept it relevant for kids aged 12 and up, but their junior range of robotics known as WE-DO was a little uninspiring for younger kids who expected a little more from a product classified as a robotics tool.

This year at CES LEGO unveiled WE-DO 2.0 which allows for for a far more complex range of programming options, all new teaching resources and connectivity with all major wireless devices such as the iPad.

Best of all it is cheaper and has a LOT less parts than EV3 which is important when this equipment is being shared by hundreds of kids.

We-Do 2.0 now offers a logical programming experience that can be translated to from skills learnt on popular platforms such as scratch and Tynker.

Check out the videos and links below for more information.

LEGO WeDo 2.0 resources

Lego WeDo Bit by Brick programming platform

LEGO Teaching Ideas & Lesson Plans

LEGO has to one of the most universal and creative toys in existence.  It still captivates and inspires children of all ages think like an engineer and build something functional or simply fun.

As teachers we probably underestimate toys such as LEGO as powerful educational tools to help students learn.

Thankfully the good folks at LEGO education have put together a huge collection of lesson plans for teachers to use in the classroom covering all age groups and key learning areas.

Below is a simple idea based around 'The Hungry Catepillar' which uses LEGO to explain the lifecycle of insects.

LEGO Smart Creativity Contest Entry
By Moriah Slagell, One Day at A Time

1. I built a small caterpillar with just a few LEGO bricks to represent food 2. I added more bricks to the caterpillar and more food in front of him.(repeat 3 times) 3. Then, I took part of the caterpillar apart so I could build a cocoon then I slid the  caterpillar inside. 4. Finally, I took apart the caterpillar and cocoon and made a butterfly out of the bricks.

Access the entire collection of  LEGO Teaching Ideas here