Maths Lesson based on Karl Guass

It has been said that Karl displayed incredible talent in math at a very young age. There are stories that tell of him managing his father's business accounts before the age of 5 and apparently even catching a payroll error. When a teacher asked him to add up the numbers between 1 and 100, (to keep him busy) Gauss quickly found a short cut for the answer 5050. A well known today....thanks to Gauss. He called mathematics "the queen of the sciences" and arithmetic "the queen of mathematics.

This activity sheet gives students the opportunity to test and explore Guass' challenge of quickly adding up all numbers from 1 to 100 using the math toolbox explore different approaches to to solving this problem.
Innovative students will find patterns and methods for quickly solving this problem and may even be able to create a formula for adding any series of integers together.
Once students have attempted to solve Guass's problem I would recommend showing them this short video.  This will explain the process Guass used as well as leading them onto the second part of the task based around exploring what contributions Guass made to mathematics.