FUSE offers over 10,000 free teaching resources

FUSE is a portal to high quality teaching and learning resources
for schools. It enables teachers to Find, Use and Share Education
resources. It is open to all teachers anywhere in the world and is
located at www.education.vic.gov.au/teacher

It is free to use and managed by the Victorian Education
Department in Australia. The Victorian Education Department
is recognised as one of the best ICT focussed Educational groups
in the world.

FUSE connects teachers to resources from across the world, Connect,
Digilearn, Knowledgebank, the Learning Federation content and
thousands of web resources recommended by Victorian teachers.
In addition, it contains new resources provided by trusted education
partners such as National Gallery of Victoria, the State Library,
Museum Victoria, and Zoos Victoria. There are also access pages for
students and early childhood children.

Tutorials on how to use FUSE are available within the portal. FUSE
 has been developed as part of the KnowledgeBank: Next Generation
Project. This project conducted research in hundreds of classrooms
across Victoria to investigate how web 2.0 technologies can enhance
teaching and learning, and established appropriate usage policies for
these technologies.

At this time Victorian Government teachers can login to access extra
resources (Inc the TLF content), create new resources including rich
media and upload them to FUSE to share. FUSE includes web
conferencing and teacher blogging. Access will be built up throughout
the year to provide full access to other teachers. FUSE will be the
content library for the Ultranet.



FUSE - Sneak Preview

The Victorian Department of Education gave a few of us a sneak peak at FUSE last Friday at a conference I was attending in Melbourne.  FUSE is essentially the single access point to all teaching, learning and ICT tools and resources.  It's moniker of FIND, USE and SHARE is really yet to be proven as it is still in a trial phase but there is no shortage of content.  I found reams of flash based resources and content relating to space which my kids are currently working on.  The entire site is VELS based but i am sure the international crowd are smart enough to make sense of it.  The current URL is here, but i have been told it will probably change when it launches officially.