30 Dr. Seuss quotes to inspire your students

Theodore Seuss certainly caught the imagination of many children and adults around the world for his wacky approach to writing.  

This infographic below is a great piece to share with your students as it highlights Seuss' innovative writing style but also has some really positive sayings that will surely stick in their mind a little longer than some obscure quote from two centuries ago.



Lesson Plased based on the Lorax

The Lorax Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Printables

The Lorax Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Printables

A to Z Teacher Stuff has an excellent selection of The Lorax lesson plans, worksheets, and printables.  There are Lorax pledge posters, Lorax worksheets, and Truffula Trees crafts.

And Apples 4 the Teacher also has an extensive collection of The Lorax lesson plans, printables, and worksheets.  There is a Lorax printable maze, Lorax counting worksheets and more.

And from The Alliance to Save Energy, a 45 minute The Lorax lesson plan for 3rd grade elementary students.  This Lorax lesson plan has students discuss energy conservation and create a collage from old magazines.

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