Photoshop coming to Chromebooks

Today Google and Adobe Announced Photoshop will be coming to Chromebooks and Chrome browsers on Windows and Mac platforms via a streaming service.   This will essentially mean there will be no need to install gigabytes of software which is currently required to run this premium image editing software and industry standard for over two decades.

A couple of caveats before you get too excited.  First off it will be released to US only creative cloud customers initially as a trial.

And secondly we cannot find any evidence of what this product will inevitably look and run like.  For example anyone who has used Photoshop on the iPad and on a PC will attest to the fact that the iPad version has about one percent of the functionality of the full desktop version.

This is an interesting move in many ways as software like this is the reason why people still spend thousands on computers as opposed to a three hundred dollar Chromebook.

More information can be found here and we shall keep you posted as information becomes available.

Chromebook Management through Google Apps - Very Impressive

I have not really had a great reason to explore Chromebooks in an educational setting as 'wrongly' or 'rightly' I perceived them as a poor cousin to what Microsoft and Apple offers in this space.

Last week however I came across this clip which really changed my mind about these devices and in many ways made them a possible clubhouse leader in terms devices for schools who are using primarily using Google Apps for Education for productivity.  

After watching this clip I realized that the security features, deployment and management of these devices through the Google Apps admin panel is far superior to anything else currently available.  And the price point is exceptional when you consider you can get three good Chromebooks for the price of one Macbook Air

Take a look, and I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences about Chromebooks