iPad & Android apps for Autisitc Children

I came across this from watching 60 minutes last night and there may well be others intersted in it.  The full story can be found here.

Imagine not being able to communicate with your own child, never knowing what they're thinking or how they feel.

That's what life's like every day for the parents of severely autistic children. And it's just as distressing for the kids who have no way of expressing themselves and often lash out in frustration.

But finally, there's a way. Just as computer apps have revolutionised our lives, they're also changing how autistic children interact with their world.

Now they're truly connecting with their mums and dads for the first time.

And if you think that's remarkable, consider this: world first technology has made it possible for doctors to see how autism affects the brain, providing hope that we'll one day find a cure to this most mysterious of conditions.


Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Apps:





Speak for Yourself

Tobii Sono Flex

AAC apps to start on

Gabby Tabs

Simplified Touch

Educational Apps:

The iMums

Smart App for Kids

Apps for Home Schooling

Appy Store