Turn any Mac or PC into an Apple TV for under fifteen dollars.

Sometimes you come across something which is just too good to go past and Airserver is exactly that....

Let's set the scene without Airserver... You have an interactive whiteboard or LCD screen connected to computer in your classroom and because all your students are using iPad's you think it would be great to get an Apple TV unit to make the most of the whole experience.  At the least it will set you back around a hundred dollars assuming you don't need any VGA adapters or mounting brackets.

Enter Airserver - A piece of software you simply install on a Mac or PC and it replicates an Apple TV unit flawlessly.  Audio, video the whole works.  All for under $15.00 - the first week is entirely free.  No cables, No theft issues, no lost remotes.  

I have installed Airserver at five different schools and not had a single issue.  

One clear benefit of the Airserver over a real Apple TV unit is the built in capacity to record your iPad screen.  Something that has been difficult until now and allows for a whole new range of teaching and learning opportunities as a result.

Anyhow, that is all I have to say about Airserver...  Check it our here.