Math Card Game Hit 100 anything goes – Probability, choosing and using operations


Thanks to Michael Ymer for this great game

A game best suited to students from year 4 onwards. Materials – 100 number board, two transparent counters and full deck of cards with Jokers included. All cards have face value with the Ace representing 1 and the picture cards representing 10. The Joker is wild and can represent any number from 1 to 10.

The game starts with one student dealing while the other moves their counter. The objective is to reach exactly 100 in the least number of cards possible. Any operation may be used. Once a student hits exactly 100 the cards used are counted and then placed back in the deck and reshuffled. The roles are reversed and the challenge is for the second student playing to reach 100 in fewer cards. Students must ask for the card before it is dealt. If the card is dealt before it is asked for it can be rejected. This eliminates rushing a student to make a decision. When dealing cards they need to be placed in rows of 5 or 6 so that decisions on which operation to use, can be based on what cards have already been dealt.