Large collection of Windows Apps for Education

The all conquering Windows platform which dominated technology for the last thirty years has had a pretty rough time of it over the last decade.  Further to that it has probably seen no bigger loss of market share than in education where low cost innovative devices such as the iPad, tablets and Chrome books have proven enormously successful with teachers and students.

The fact is that Windows is still a dominant player in education by sheer sales numbers alone, even if we are not seeing a great deal of educational support and innovation coming from Microsoft.

Anyone who has used a Surface tablet will sing it's praises as an excellent hybrid device with a great deal of unique opportunities to offer teachers and students.

The Windows store is an ever improving space for education and technology and I have come across this excellent resource from Microsoft Australia which organises windows apps into areas relevant to teachers.  Take a look at it here and see what is available particularly if you haven't used a windows PC since the old XP days.  You may be pleasantly surprised... Enjoy.