Google docs still disappoints iPad users


I work with a large number of schools who have 'Gone Google'.  As it is an excellent platform freely available to teachers and students which works on all devices.

The difficulty I have with the wording of the second part of my opening statement, is that you could assume it would not only work on all devices, but would also be useful and productive.

Unfortunately, if you are an iPad user ( As a huge proportion of students and teachers are. ) you will be sorely disappointed with Google Docs on the iPad, as it increasingly becomes a very poor cousin to the productivity offerings from Apple and Microsoft.

Earlier this week Google released what we could assume an 'Upgrade' to the existing Google Drive app by individually releasing Google Docs and Google Sheets as standalone programs.

Both of these standalone apps offer no functionality over the existing Google Drive app and are clearly an attempt to compete with Microsoft's awesome Office Apps and Apple's equally impressive Pages, Sheets and numbers.

If you wish to create a document that contains images or tables of any description you'll have to stick with the Microsoft and Apple options as this is simply not an option for Google Docs.  A deal breaker for anyone wanting to create a document more appealing than html code

Don't get me wrong I love Google Docs and promote it every opportunity I can.  But if you are an iPad user the experience will definitely underwhelm you in comparison to the desktop version.  Hopefully Google will lift in this area and we will see an iPad solution that live's up to it's users expectations.

I am confused as to whether they are simply trying to highlight the stark difference between using Google Apps on a Chromebook which is excellent versus a tablet, or whether this is simply not a seen as a priority.