Google 'Spell Up' challenges students to spell correctly using their voice.

Google has released a new chrome experiment today called 'Spell Up'.  Designed for chrome browsers, Android and iOS. (Unfortunately iOS users will have to type instead of using their voice.)

This purpose of this game is to build word towers by consecutively spelling words correctly.  The game obviously gets more challenging as you progress and I can telly you first hand that it is quite addictive.  As you advance, you’ll be asked to pronounce words correctly, solve word jumbles, and guess mystery words. You can also earn bonuses and coins to level up faster.

Google says it worked with game designers and teachers to make Spell Up “both fun and educational.”

Anyhow stop wasting time here and get spelling.  Access "Spell Up" here


Kevin Cummins

ICT Consultant with over 60 schools in Victoria Australia. Google Certified Teacher, Masters of I.T Education and above all else husband and dad.