Manage your Google Apps console from your iOS device


For many schools using Google Apps for Education it can be a bit of a time consuming task to manage users and groups and reset people's passwords from time to time.

Thankfully, now Google have created the Google Admin console for iOS devices that allows admin users to add users, reset passwords and manage groups directly from your iPhone or iPad.

This is a must have for any admin that uses an iOS device.  From my test drive today I was really impressed and recommend getting this free app  as it removes the need to access a PC for 90 percent of the things you are going to want to do within the admin console.

It really doesn't offer many more features than the ones I have mentioned, which is fine with me as it does the simple things very well with a nice clean interface.  Maybe more features will come in time...  

You can access the Google Admin console App here.  Enjoy