Fifteen Innovative Literacy Ideas for Busy Teachers giveaway - Free eBook is all yours

Are you looking for some fresh ideas to revitalise the way you teach English in your classroom?  Well look no further…

Belinda and Kev have put together an ebook with over fifteen innovative  ideas for teachers to teach literacy.  This book usually retails on Amazon but to Edgalaxy readers it is all yours and completely free.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a new beginner I guarantee you will find at least ten fresh ideas to use with your students immediately.  All are open ended and easy to adapt to any age group or ability.  Including

  • 3 Fresh Ideas for Reading Group Rotations
  • 20 Things to do Before, During and After Reading.
  • Useful iPad Apps for Improving Literacy Skills
  • Unlock the Potential of Google Forms and QR Codes
  • Access Engaging Lesson Ideas and Resources Through TED-Ed
  • Free Classroom Posters to Teach Your Students About Reading and Writing.
  • Free Useful Graphic Organizers for Teaching Reading and Writing
  • Inspiring Visual Writing Prompts
  • Expository Writing Prompts for Students
  • How to Write a Well Developed Paragraph
  • Using WikiPedia as a Powerful Reading and Writing Tool
  • Dinosaur Themed Writing Pack for Young Students

The ebook is completely free and non-commercial in the content it contains.

So click here to download it and put some of these great ideas to use.