Teacher Guides for every IMAX film are now available

Taking your kids to see a movie, or as us teachers like to refer to it as a 'Visual Text' is a great opportunity to learn about story telling in a far more contemporary manner than simply reading from a book.

Doing this in an IMAX theatre is an experience that cannot replicated anywhere else.  If you are fortunate enough to have access to an IMAX theatre I would strongly recommend considering taking your students to a film there as they have a huge range of educational content but the experience is amazing, especially for first timers.

So going to the movies is fun and all but if you want to continue the learning beyond the cinema you might want to take a look at these huge collections of teacher guides for all the films that pass through IMAX.

These are all of the official IMAX made movies teacher guides.  - Mainly Doco's and educational content.

These are all of the Mainstream film teacher guides that pass through IMAX theatres regularly such as content from Disney, Warner Bros etc.  Big budget films you see in regular cinemas that have been upgraded to work in IMAX theatres.

These guides generally have a great insight to what the film is about and questions to consider before and after viewing.  They would certainly be useful to share with parents who were questioning the purpose of taking kids to the movies in class time.  Enjoy