The top 100 tools for learning in 2014

Jane Hart, who I respect greatly for her contributions to learning and technology throughout the last decade has recently published her top 100 tools for learning in 2014.

This is the eighth incarnation of this list since being introduced in 2008 and was put together with the contributions of over 1000 teachers globally.

It is a genuine snapshot of what people are using in education.

Twitter, Google Docs and YouTube top the list which is hardly surprising.  

PowerPoint at number 4 was quite a shock as I would have definitely considered this and 'old favourite' when comparing it to a plethora of presentation tools that have hit the scene in the last eighteen months but it is a solid tool and for some old habits are hard to break.

There was no interest around Google Classroom as yet.   It didn't even crack the top 100 which is sure to change over time as this product continues to evolve.

My favourite iPad app of 2014 Adobe Voice did notmake the list either which makes me wonder if I am a little out of touch with Jane's Audience.

Jane's top 100 can be seen below and if you visit her site you can download the top 100 guidebook which is really useful for developing an understanding of what these tools are and where they all fit in the bigger picture of teaching and learning.

I'd love to hear your thoughts around this list too.