Student Writing Skills 101: 'Show Me, Don't Tell Me'

show me dont tell me.jpg

Jasmine hurt her leg is a boring way to tell readers about the time that the curious preschooler climbed atop a barn when no one was looking.  Telling not only bores readers, but it also omits details that are important. 

This PowerPoint compares and contrasts showing and telling.  There are also a number of examples included that can be used with students to allow them to practice turning these less-than-inspiring “telling” examples into motivational, inspiring, and thought provoking details. 

Included with each “telling” quote is a “showing” example that shows just how easily one can expand on the condensed detail with elaborated sensory details that relate to relevant memories.  Making the connection to one’s senses is a key component of transitioning from “telling” to “showing” readers!

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