Over 30 free lesson plans for Google Apps / Docs Users


Thanks to Tim in Michigan for this link.  Google have compiled over 30 lesson plans sorted by app, age and subject that teachers can download and use with their students.

I hope this is an area that Google intend to continue to develop as this is the point where teachers get a little lost once they have established GAFE as a communication and collaboration platform.

A few of my favorite lesson ideas were


As the world confronts global health problems such as epidemics or pandemics, involve your students in an authentic lesson that will increase their understanding of health related issues and give them the tools to make informed decisions about their own health and the health of their schools and communities.

Making Predictions in Reading with Google Moderator

This lesson plan intends to teach students how to comprehend texts by making predictions that answer the question "What is going to happen next?" Research shows that students who read actively are better able to understand text when compared with students that read passively. Through an integration of Google Moderator and Google Docs, students will actively create and evaluate multiple predictions about a character's actions in a fictional story.

Human Dimensions Project

"It has been said that our wingspan is the same as our height. Is this true?" Students work in a collaborative project to answer this question using Google docs for data collection and analysis

Anyhow the entire collection of these lessons can be found here.


Google Apps Meets Common Core
By Michael J. Graham