Easy lesson for phonics

Introduction: When doing Thrass or phonics I found that learning sounds can be done in such an innovative and easy way.

When teaching Grade 1’s different sounds, use hands on items that begin with the sounds to teach how to write and say it.

For example: When teaching the “Sh” sound one could use shaving cream. Spary a blob of shaving cream on each childs desk and as a class you write the “Sh” into the shaving cream using fingers.

The teacher can facilitate by writing up on the board or walking around and doing the movement with each learner. They can wipe out and try with an upper case “Sh” and then with a lower case “sh”.

This may be difficult for those tactile defensive learners however they need to try and can be reassured by a bucket of soapy water and a cloth to clean their hands afterwards.

Main: Learners can wash hands and do a formal writing lesson in their writing books along lines etc. You may write up the “sh” letters on the board and learners do so in their books.

Some other sounds and items to use:

“j” Jam on desks or white boards

“p” popcorn and allow learners to make a “p” using popcorn. “i” Icing sugar on desks or white board

“m” marshmallows into a M shape

“t” tea and toast day. Set aside a time for groups of learners to go outside and have tea and toast whilst the other half do their “t” writing in their writing books. Then swap over. This is best done with two teachers involved or an intern. At the school I interned at, we did it this way and it worked so well and kids loved it!

Be creative and use your imagination!!!