Three great guides on how to write an essay


Writing an essay can be a difficult task to both teach and learn as it relies on so many language skills to succeed.

There are numerous guides available on the web that will tell you 'How to write an essay in 5 minutes.'  But essentially this promise is about as effective as promising someone they can drop three dress sizes in a week by going on a 'nicotine' diet. 

I have found three resources below from three recognized universities that don't assume you have already mastered the English language before you begin.  They are quite thorough but contain all the elements that will genuinely assist you.

They are definitely worth a look. 


Writing an Essay -  Charles Sturt University 

This guide does great job at highlighting what your assessors will be looking for and emphasizing those points throughout the writing process.  Sourced:  CSU

A helpful guide to Essay Writing - Anglia Ruskin University 

This is definitely one of the more thorough guides and would be a good starting point for students who have a limited knowledge of the English language.  it is very structured in the process of walking you through writing a tertiary standard essay Sourced: ARU

The 5 step Personal Essay Writing Guide - Baylor University

This is essay writing in it's simplest form done well.  It is more of a planning tool than a full background study on the process.  It is definitely useful for high school students and those that struggle to make a start but will not be rich enough for advanced writers looking for a little more context. Sourced Baylor