5 Google Apps for Education PD resources for busy teachers


Google Apps for Education has to be the hottest topic in education around the world at the moment as literally hundreds of thousands of schools are adopting this free resource which is changing the way teachers and students collaborate on work and share information. 

Professional development (PD) around Google Apps is essential for any school to get the most out of Google Apps so here is a list of 5 great resources to learn more about Google Apps for Education.

Google Education on Air:  Offers both live and archived video of professional development around a range of Google's products in education.  There are numerous sessions around Google Apps for education worth exploring here. 

Google online courses:  has a range of content both created by certified Google teachers or provided by third party sources. 

Google Apps User Groups:  Connects like minded educators in specific regions around the globe to discuss their successes and struggles with Google Apps for Education.  An excellent resource.

Google in Education Videos:  The title explains it all.  To be honest there is a bit of commercial junk scattered across this resource but you will find some great video tutorials nonetheless.  A range of content here that covers all of Google's educational products.

Guide to Going Google:  A useful starting point for schools who are considering their options around switching to Google.  It walks you through the process of of switching to Google Apps

Finally Google A - Z gives you a real insight into what Google actually encompass.  There is a load of great educational content in here too.