Classic radio recordings to help students with reading

There is a wealth of great media at your fingertips if you scratch a little and today I came across a couple of classic audio recordings I remember hearing as a child around Christmas time which you simply do not hear these days.

These recordings would make for an excellent listening post on an iPad or something similar. 

You could get your students to listen to these and draw an image they can see whilst listening to the story and then maybe put together a piece of writing explaining how their picture fits in with the message of the story.

Maybe students could examine why so much effort was put into creating these great audio stories during the 1940's.

The options are rich - just as the two recordings I have which were first broadcast live on Christmas eve 1944.  I hope you enjoy them.  There are plenty more to be found on Youtube

Bing Crosby reading 'The Small One' from 1944 - Excellent Christmas story

Orsen Welles and Bing Crosby reading 'The Happy Prince'